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Data Release Data release for manuscript IP-083575, Robert Fire Montana Tailed Frog Data_2001-2015
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Author: Hossack, BR | Date: 2015
Data release for manuscript summarizing responses of Rocky Mountain Tailed Frogs to the 2003 Robert Fire in Glacier National Park.
[I]Ensatina eschscholtzii[/I], Oregon.
Ensatina eschscholtzii, Oregon.
Brome McCreary
Data Release Terrestrial salamander captures after the 2003 Clark Fire, Willamette National Forest, OR: U.S. Geological Survey data release
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Authors: Chelgren ND, Adams MJ, McCreary B, Pearl CA, Rowe JC | Date: 2019-05-21 | Outlet: ScienceBase | Format: .XLSX
Data are the result of fixed-area, time-constrained searches for terrestrial salamanders within and nearby a wildfire-affected area of the Willamette National Forest, OR. The spatial extent of the study was within one kilometer of the border of the Clark fire that burned an area of 2,009 ha in 2003. Site surveys occurred during March and April, 2005. An important feature of the data is that 100m2 sub-plots (nested within plots) were repeatedly searched for terrestrial salamanders independently up to nine times so that variation in the probability of capture could be estimated and accounted for concurrent with estimates of occupancy probability.