ARMI scientist gives an interview on current research to reverse amphibian declines.

February 13, 2012
The global decline in amphibians requires a multi-prong approach with Federal and State agencies and Non-governmental organizations each taking up a part of the effort.

Just as in other countries, the effort in the United States requires collaboration and creative solutions.

In a recent interview conducted by Voice of America, reporter Rebecca Ward interviews several wildlife professionals about their research and management projects to reverse amphibian declines.

Dr. Evan Grant, Regional Coordinator of NE ARMI spoke with Rebecca about an adaptive management research project developed collaboratively by the ARMI program, Dr Larissa Bailey and Adam Green from Colorado State University and the US Fish and Wildlife

Service (Patuxent Research Refuge) on the manipulation of ponds to benefit wood frogs under predicted climate change scenarios. Check out the video link!

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