ARMI will be attending The World Congress of Herpetology

Authors: Lianne Ball
August 06, 2012
From August 8- 14th, ARMI scientists will be joining colleagues from around the globe at the World Congress of Herpetology at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, British Columbia. The World Congress is a collaboration of international representatives from herpetology societies around the world with the mission to promote research, education and conservation in herpetology. Every four years, the World Congress convenes over 1,500 scientists from over 50 countries who specialize in research on amphibians and reptiles. ARMI is kicking off the Congress this year with a symposium entitled “Amphibian monitoring across the U.S.: Tracking declining populations in diverse habitats and unique assemblages. ARMI has become a global leader in amphibian decline research and monitoring, and is proud to share its research findings with the same international scientific group that first recognized and brought amphibian declines to the forefront of the science community.

The World Congress focuses on quantifying, understanding and searching for solutions to ameliorate the impacts of what scientists believe is the current expression of the world’s sixth major extinction which has impacted amphibians, and possibly reptiles, disproportionately across the planet.

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