Notes on the Distribution of Tiger Salamanders (presumed <i>Ambystoma mavortium stebbinsi</i>) in Sonora, Mexico

Authors: Blake R Hossack; Erin Muths; James C Rorabaugh; J A Lemos-Espinal; Brent H Sigafus; Thierry C Chambert; A rr Carreon; F el Hurtado; M ar Toyos; T R Jones,
Contribution Number: 531
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Published Date: 2016-06
Outlet/Publisher: Herpetological Review
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ARMI Organizational Units:
Rocky Mountains, Northern - Biology
Southwest, Arizona - Biology
Invasive Species; Management; Species and their Ecology
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amphibians; ARMI; invasives; management; pond-breeding amphibians; population; T&E; threatened species
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