Candoia bibroni (Pacific Boa) Diet

Authors: A Clause; M Fraser; S Pene; N Thomas-Moko; Robert N Fisher
Contribution Number: 583

Here, we report the first instances of Pacific boas (Candoia bibroni) eating amphibians in the wild. Specifically, we documented Cornufer vitianus (Fiji Ground Frog) and C. vitiensis (Fiji Tree Frog), both formerly in the genus Platymantis (for taxonomic discussion see Brown et al. 2015. Zool. J. Linn. Soc-Lond. 174:130?168), as prey for the first time.

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Published Date: 2017
Outlet/Publisher: Herpetological Review 48:667-668
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Southwest, Southern California - Biology
Species and their Ecology
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batrachophagy; life history
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