Broadening the conversation: molecular detection, conservation, and communication

Authors: B A Mosher; R F Bernard; J M Lorch; David AW Miller; K LD Richgels; C L White; Evan HC Grant
Contribution Number: 696

Molecular techniques are powerful conservation tools used in applications ranging from early detection of invasive species to understanding host-pathogen dynamics. However, communication barriers among resource managers, ecologists, and laboratories often preclude the efficient use of molecular data for ecological inference and conservation decision-making. The disconnect largely stems from a lack of specific knowledge about the approaches, decisions, methods, and terminology that each partner uses. As a result, data generated by molecular assays are sometimes of limited utility to managers. We outline a collaborative framework to assist partners with different areas of expertise to more effectively translate their scientific and management needs to other partners. The use of molecular methods in conservation science will continue to expand; therefore, the aim of our paper is to enable the conservation community to harness the full utility of these methods by developing effective collaborative partnerships among managers, ecologists, and laboratory scientists.

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Outlet/Publisher: Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment
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Northeast - Biology
Disease; Management; Quantitative Developments
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