Oregon Spotted Frog (Rana pretiosa) Monitoring at Jack Creek 2015-2018 (final): U.S. Geological Survey data release

Authors: M J Adams; C A Pearl; B McCreary; S Galvan; J C Rowe



This dataset contains information from mark-recapture and egg mass surveys conducted 2015-2018 by USGS as part of an ongoing Oregon spotted frog (Rana pretiosa) monitoring effort at Jack Creek, Klamath County, Oregon. Data consist of spotted frog counts (handled by surveyors) aggregated by date, location, life stage, and sex, as well as data on environmental conditions at the time each survey. Note that due to updates in access permissions, surveyed area within each site varies over time. Thus, counts are not comparable among year, as surveyed area was not held constant.

Publication details
Published Date: 2019-02-11
Outlet/Publisher: ScienceBase
Media Format: .XLSX

ARMI Organizational Units:
Pacific Northwest - Biology
Monitoring and Population Ecology; Species and their Ecology
Place Names:
Oregon; Pacific Northwest; United States
amphibians; ARMI; count; distribution; ecology; habitat use; life history; mark-recapture; monitoring; pond-breeding amphibians; population; reproduction; threatened species; trends; wetlands
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