Data from a 2015 trapping survey targeting the Gulf Coast Waterdog, Necturus beyeri, in Saint Tammany Parish, Louisiana

Authors: Brad M Glorioso; J Hardin Waddle


This dataset provides the data associated with a 2015 project to examine factors affecting the occupancy of Gulf Coast Waterdogs along Bayou Lacombe, Saint Tammany Parish, Louisiana. Data include site locations and distance from headwaters, water data (pH, turbidity, salinity, and depth), and capture data from trap checks. For Necturus beyeri captures, the datatset provides the sex of captures and length and mass measurements. The dataset states whether eggs were visible in females, whether each animal was swabbed for disease and whether tissue was clipped for genetics.

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Published Date: 2020-06-05
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South Central - Biology
Species and their Ecology
Place Names:
Louisiana; St. Tammany Parish
amphibians; ARMI
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