Evaluating Corticosterone as a Biomarker for Amphibians Exposed to Increased Salinity and Ambient Corticosterone

Authors: B J Tornabene; Blake R Hossack; E J Crespi; C W Breuner
Contribution Number: 788



Salinization is harmful to amphibians and waterborne corticosterone could be a useful biomarker. Salinity was only associated with waterborne corticosterone for one of three amphibian species. Ambient corticosterone likely confounded associations and possibly influenced amphibian physiology. We provide suggestions to improve reliability of waterborne corticosterone as a biomarker of salt stress.

Publication details
Published Date: 2021-07
Outlet/Publisher: Conservation Physiolology 9(1): coab049
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ARMI Organizational Units:
Rocky Mountains, Northern - Biology
Monitoring and Population Ecology; Stressors
Place Names:
Montana; North Dakota
amphibians; physiology; salinity; stressors; wetlands
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