Larval amphibian and site-water corticosterone, and site attributes, from wetlands affected by energy-related saline wastewaters

Authors: Brian J Tornabene; Blake R Hossack; E J Crespi; Creagh W Breuner


We investigated the influence of salinity from energy-related saline wastewaters on CORT of three larval amphibians (Tiger salamanders, Leopard frogs, and Chorus frogs) in Montana and North Dakota where wastewater contamination is pervasive. We measured baseline and stress-induced CORT (pg/h) of amphibians exposed to a gradient of wastewaters using a novel, noninvasive technique. We also measured background corticosterone in site water in 2017 and 2018, and evaluated variance within and among wetlands in 2019. Three datasets are included. (1) Includes corticosterone and morphology measurements from larval amphibians taken in 2017 and 2018. (2) Includes background corticosterone measurements and attributes from sites in 2017–2019. (3) Includes background corticosterone measurements for 5 points along the perimeter of 6 sites in 2019 to evaluate variance within and among wetlands.

Publication details
Published Date: 2021-09-24
Outlet/Publisher: figshare
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ARMI Organizational Units:
Rocky Mountains, Northern - Biology
Monitoring and Population Ecology; Stressors; Water
Place Names:
Montana; North Dakota
amphibians; ecotoxicology; salinity
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