Corticosterone Mediates Lethal and Sublethal Effects and a Growth-Survival Tradeoff for a Larval Amphibian Exposed to Increased Salinity

Authors: B J Tornabene; Blake R Hossack; E J Crespi; Creagh W Breuner


We investigated the influence of increased salinity on survival, growth, water content, and Corticosterone responses of larval Northern Leopard Frogs (Rana pipiens) by exposing them to environmentally-relevant salinity treatments for 24 days. We also inhibited Corticosterone for half of the replicates using mifepristone to determine if Corticosterone mediates effects of salinity and tradeoffs between traits. Other associated datasets:

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Published Date: 2018-11-06
Outlet/Publisher: PANGAEA Data Publisher for Earth & Environmental Science
Media Format: .XLSX

ARMI Organizational Units:
Rocky Mountains, Northern - Biology
Species and their Ecology; Stressors; Water
Place Names:
Montana; North Dakota
amphibians; ecotoxicology; salinity
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