Water level data from select depressional wetlands at Saint Marks National Wildlife Refuge: July 2010 - May 2019 (ver. 2.0, August 2022)


This Data Release represents geospatial and tabular data for a study investigating linkages between local terrain and wetland hydroperiod and was supported by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Amphibian Research and Monitoring Initiative (ARMI). This dataset contains wetland water level data from Saint Marks National Wildlife Refuge (SMNWR). Data include records of water level and water temperature measurements from select wetlands beginning in July 2010 and ending in 2019. Not all wetlands span this entire period as different phases of studies resulted in different time periods of data collection. Instrumentation included a staff gage and a non-vented continuous logging pressure transducer that logged data at 1-hour intervals. The dataset consists of 4 separate items:
1. water level monitoring site Locations (tabular data)
2. wetland perimeters (GIS vector data)
3. water level and water temperature data for 59 select wetlands (tabular data)
4. revision history text file that describes the changes from the original release to version 2.0.

Publication details
Published Date: 2022-08-08
Outlet/Publisher: ScienceBase
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ARMI Organizational Units:
Southeast - Water
Place Names:
St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge
hydroperiod; wetlands
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