ARMI 2012 Annual Update

Authors: Blake R Hossack; Michael J Adams; J Hardin Waddle; Evan HC Grant; Robert N Fisher; William A Battaglin; Lianne Ball
Contribution Number: 462


Welcome to the 2012 ARMI Annual Update, which provides highlights and significant milestones of this innovative program. ARMI is uniquely qualified to provide research and monitoring results that are scalable from local to national levels and are useful to resource managers. ARMI has produced more than 420 peer-reviewed publications since its inception. Some of those publications are highlighted in this fact sheet. Please visit our website ( for additional information on ARMI products, to find summaries of research topics, to search for ARMI activities in your area, or to obtain amphibian photographs. This year, we introduced a new feature on the ARMI website called “Trend Data” that provides occupancy and abundance estimates at the project level ( Data can be accessed in tabular format or plotted via an interactive map.

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