Incidence of the fungus Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis in amphibian populations along the northwest coast of North America

Authors: Michael J Adams; S Galvan; David Reinitz; R A Cole; S Pyare; M Hahr; P Govindarajulu
Contribution Number: 247


Of 242 amphibians swabbed, 52 were positive for B. dendrobatidis (Table 1). We found B. dendrobatidis on individuals from 11 of 22 populations and in 3 of the 4 study areas (A, C and D). All but 2 of the positive results were for Bufo boreas adults or juveniles. The other two positives were for Rana aurora adults. No R. luteiventris or R. sylvatica were positive. We did not find any frogs that were dead or appeared to be sick. For populations with at least one positive animal and with N  5 adults and juveniles, the percent of adults and juveniles testing positive averaged 34% and ranged from 10 to 80%.

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Published Date: 2007
Outlet/Publisher: Herpetological Review 38
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Pacific Northwest - Biology
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Pacific Northwest
Bd; chytrid fungus; disease; pathogen
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