Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis in amphibian populations in Italy

Authors: Michael J Adams; S Galvan; R Scalera; C Grieco; R Sindaco
Contribution Number: 280


We swabbed 45 amphibians and of these, 4 were positive for B. dendrobatidis. We found B. dendrobatidis on all 3 Rana catesbeiana captured in a small farm pond near Turin. Rana catesbeiana is a North America species introduced to Italy more than 50 years ago (Lanza 1962). Out of 41 native amphibians tested, we only found one individual that was positive for B. dendrobatidis. The positive individual was 1 of 10 R. esculenta tested at 5 ponds in Study Area C. We did not find any frogs that were dead or that appeared to be sick.

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Published Date: 2008
Outlet/Publisher: Herpetological Review 39: 324-326
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Pacific Northwest - Biology
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Bd; chytrid fungus; disease
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