ARMI Scientists Collaborate with NPS on Special Issue Focused on Amphibian and Wetland Conservation in the GYE

Authors: Blake R Hossack
February 17, 2022

USGS-ARMI and scientists from the NPS Greater Yellowstone Inventory & Monitoring Network organized a special issue in the journal Ecological Indicators. This special issue was spawned by a virtual 3-day science symposium in December 2020 that was entitled Linking Monitoring and Research to Amphibian Conservation in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. The papers in the special issue highlight collaborative USGS–NPS research on amphibians, wetlands, and climate, as well as emerging tools and priorities for scientists and resource managers. The special issue contains 11 papers focused on many of these same themes, including 6 papers that were led or co-authored by ARMI investigators. Notable USGS-ARMI contributions include an analysis of long-term responses of amphibian populations to wetland mitigation; a synthesis of amphibian disease research in the GYE; reflections on the 15-year NPS monitoring program in Grand Teton and Yellowstone national parks, including recommendations on how to enrich information from monitoring by incorporating new sampling technologies, adopting advances in analytical approaches, and integrating climate forecasts into wetland and amphibian assessments; and a paper that examines the important historical and future roles of NPS lands and management nationwide in amphibian conservation.

You can access the special issue here:

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