ARMI biologists released captive-bred Mountain Yellow-legged Frogs to the San Gabriel Mountains

Authors: Adam R Backlin
September 19, 2022

On Thursday, Sept. 9th, 2022, ARMI biologists Adam Backlin and Elizabeth Gallegos led two teams on a release of captive-bred southern California mountain yellow-legged frogs. Each team hiked to a remote canyon with spring-fed creek in the San Gabriel Mountains. These sites have been assessed and monitored through out the year to ensure they would be suitable for the frogs. This batch of frogs were bred at the Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens and head started by the Santa Ana Zoo and the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, CA. Thanks to their effort, these 200 sub-adult yellow-legged frogs will have a chance to restore their population in these mountains, where they once thrived for thousands of years.

More coverage of this release can be found at the LA Times website.

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